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MOBILE GROOMING - Inside our vans, outside your home.

Mobile Grooming
Inside our vans, outside your home.
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With our specially modified vans we are able to come outside your home and wash/cut/dry/style your Pets. We offer this VIP service with no extra added costs. Our modified vans are fitted with a HYDROBATH which is specifically designed for Pet Grooming and is also therapeutic for senior Pets.

By allowing us to groom your pet outside your home, there are many advantages:

No more pet hairs in your cars.

Save time with no need to take trips to the groomers and back.

NO CAGES needed. No more waiting in cages for your pets.

Your pets remain in familiar surroundings reducing their stress.

100% attention ONE TO ONE CARE is given to your Pets whilst they are with us.

You Decide which style and how we groom your pets.

Taking your pet to the salon can be time consuming, stressfull for your pet (They have to wait in cages and around other pets!) and for you (four trips there and back!). With our mobile grooming service in Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos & Laranaca, you and your pets are STRESS FREE. Pets are aware that they're in their own environment and stay much calmer. As a company we never use sedation or sedatives to groom, so in the case of aggressive pets the owner is invited to be present during their grooming to help calm their pet.

Recent clients who reviewed our Mobile Grooming services:


We style pets exactly as you require, you are in charge!


Pets are our passion and pets know it! Our regular pets get excited when they see our Mobile Grooming Van arriving and some even jump in to the bath themselves!

Flea & Tick Treatments

Are available in all of our grooming services, just ask us for more information.

Large Grooming Team

Due to our large grooming team, more than one groomer can be requested if the need arises, just ask us!

Mobile Grooming Service Album

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Our Mobile Grooming Vans
Fully equipped mobile salon
Styling from our grooming team
Styling from our grooming team
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Scissor styling is offered by our grooming team


Choose the grooming service that's right for you and your pets

  • Mobile Grooming

  • Professional team
  • No cages used
  • No Hairs in your cars
  • 1 to 1 individual care
  • Save time & money
  • Less Stress for your pets & you
  • Available in Nicosia & Larnaca
  • Conveniently book appointments
  • VIP service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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