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Pet Sitting
A great alternative to pet hotels!
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Our Pet Sitting services allow you to leave your home and pets with the knowledge that they'll be in safe hands. Our Pet Sitter will meet you and your pets at your home for a FREE consultation and go over all of your and their needs whilst you're away. The free consultation is also a great first introduction for your pets as you are present and they will feel more relaxed. We provide a professional, on-time and convenient service which allows you to have peace of mind. We visit your home once, twice or as many times as you request per day to ensure your pets are safe, clean, exercised and have food and water.

Perfect for when you travel.

Ideal for business travelers.

Reliable when a hospital stay is necessary.

Whatever the reason, our Pet Sitting services are available to the whole of Cyprus and we're here to help! When you travel often, have a big holiday coming up or need to be in the hospital, Pet Sitting is an ideal way of not having to worry about your pets. Pet Sitting is also a great way of not allowing anybody to know you're away, with daily activity Pet Sitting has proven to deter criminals who are looking for empty properties.


Is a Pet Hotel or Pet Sitting the right choice for you?

  • Pet Sitting

  • Profesional team
  • Available 356 days
  • Available 24/7
  • Cheaper for multiple pets
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No Cages needed
  • Safer home daily activity
  • Less Stress for you and your pets
  • Same Routine for your pets
  • Daily Walks for your pets
  • Daily Reports to keep you informed
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    per day
  • Pet Hotel

  • Professional team
  • Cheaper for less pets
  • Exercised daily
  • Temperature Control for all pets
  • Grooming Services provided
  • Your Pets Food or ours
  • Security cameras
  • Training available
  • Doggy Play groups
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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    per day
Pet Sitting is a 4 step process

FREE Consultation

Our Pet Sitters will visit your home for a FREE consultation. We spend time with you learning your pets routine.



You select the dates for our Pet Sitting services and we collect any necessary items needed for the pet sitting (keys to the garden gate etc.)


Pet Sitting

Whilst the service is active, our Pet Sitters will visit your home as often as requested and let you know everything is ok!


Your Return

Upon your return, your pet sitter will come to meet you and give you back all the items they have been given.

Save Money

Save trips to the kennels. For a large family of pets, Pet Sitting is the way to go!

No Cages

Your pets stay at home, no cages are required! They also don't meet any other pets.

Flea & Tick Treatments

Are available in all of our Pet Sitting services, just ask us for more information.

Large Pet Sitting Team

Our Pet Sitting is available 356 days of the year 24/7 due to our large team.

Optional Extras - FREE of charge

Watering the Plants

If you need us to water your plants when you're away, just let us know!

Mail Collection

We can collect your mail so they don't pile up outside your door.

Grocery Shopping

We can collect your groceries so your kitchen is fully stocked for your return.

Taking out the Trash

With trash being placed outside as routine, nobody will know you're not home.